String interpolation in C#


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String interpolation is a feature that came with C# 6. It lets you compose strings from text and variables/properties/instances/etc in a simple format. Example:

private string ServiceName => "CustomerService";

public string GetLogString(string errorStr)
    // Text and variables are easily combined
    return $"{ServiceName} | Error: {errorStr}";

You can also do more complex operations as any C# expression that returns a string (or has ToString()) can be included:

var dateStr = $"Current date is {DateTimeOffset.UtcNow.ToString("yyyy-MM-dd")}";

String interpolation replaces String.Format and should have pretty much the same performance, as C# replaces string interpolation to String.Format at compile time.

Article created: Apr 7 '17. Edited Apr 7 '17.

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Created by Mika [4] Apr 7 '17

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