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Using the keyboard is the key to working efficiently in your programming environment. Fortunately Visual Studio has excellent support for utilizing the keyboard. Here are a few standard shortcuts that will boost your productivity:

Standard keyboard shortcuts

* Alt + Mouse select = Block mode mouse text selection

* Shift + Del = Delete current line (also Ctrl + L)

* F12 = Go to definition

* Shift + F12 = Find all references

* Ctrl + R, M = Extract method (using selected text)

* Ctrl + R, R = Rename (class, method, property, variable, etc.)

* Ctrl + F = Find in current document

* Ctrl + Shift + F = Find in entire solution (Find in files)

* Ctrl + R, A = Run all tests

* Ctrl + Shift + B = Build

* Ctrl + Break = Cancel build

* F5 = Start debugging

* F9 = Set / toggle breakpoint

* F10 = Step over

* F11 = Step into

Quick Launch
* Ctrl + Q = Quick Launch (Sets focus in the Quick Launch-field where you easily can access just about any menu item / settings or view in Visual Studio)

Make your own

Missing some key combos? Don't worry, it's easy to create your own..

Just hit Ctrl + Q to get to the Quick Launch search field, type k and hit enter. The Keyboard shortcut dialogue will open where you can customize practically any command and their keyboard shortcut.

Here are a few shortcuts that I always setup:

* Alt + Shift + C = Project.AddClass (Adds a class to the current project in the current folder)

* Alt + Shift + F = Project.NewFolder (Adds a folder to the current project. A folder / project in the Solution Explorer must have focus)

Article created: Aug 15 '15. Edited May 10 '16.

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Merlin [3]  •  Oct 27 '15  •   •  Reply

A couple of additional shortcuts I want to add:

  • Ctrl + Alt + P = Attach to running process
  • Ctrl + . = I'm not quite sure what it's called, but you know that little blue square that appears when you haven't set the correct using and you need to hover awkwardly over it so you can include it? The shortcut opens that little window without the hovering.
  • Ctrl + Del = Delete the whole next word (or whitespace until the next character)
  • Ctrl + Left or Right Arrow Key = Jump a whole word
  • Ctrl + K, C = Comment out
  • Ctrl + K, U = Comment in

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Created by Robert Bengtsson [126] Aug 15 '15

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